Luca Iandoli is Associate Dean for Global and Online Programs at St. John’s University, College of Professional Studies, and an Associate Professor in the Division of Computer Science, Mathematics, and Science. Dr. Iandoli has served as an Associate Professor at the University of Naples Federico II (Italy), and as Visiting Research Professor at Stevens Institute of Technology. He was a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at the Center for Collective Intelligence of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has published more than 100 papers on the analysis of interfirm collaboration, collective intelligence in online networks, serving as a member of the editorial board of several academic journals. Dr. Iandoli’s current research focus is on how online interaction and collaboration can be designed to help groups, organizations, communities, and companies aggregate and store dispersed knowledge; increase creativity, innovation, and problem solving; and support large-scale, collective intelligence. 

Giuseppe Zollo is Full Professor in Business and Engineering Management at the University of Naples Federico II with a background is in Architecture and Information Science. His research focuses on complex adaptive systems, organizational learning and sense-making. His professional activities mainly focused on the design of competence management systems for large public and private companies. His cultural interests relate to the art and history of science and technology. He published in Int. Contributions to Labour Studies, J. of Systems and Software, Int. J. of Technology Management, Int. J. of Manufacturing Technology and Management, Omega, Small Business, Advances in Managerial Cognition and Organizational Information Processing, Information Resources Management Journal, Fuzzy Economic Review, R&D Management. 

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