A designer’s guide to harnessing Aesthetics by Luca Iandoli and Giuseppe Zollo

the image displays the book cover and an editorial praise by prof, Chaparro, Parsons School of Design, The New School

Join us online for a conversation on our new book “Elegant Design” organized by The Institute for International Communication and the St. John’s University Design Factory

Authors: Dr. Luca Iandoli, Collins College of Professional Studies, St. John’s University and Giuseppe Zollo, University of Naples Federico II (Italy), Moderator: ProfAaris Sherin, MFA, St. John’s College of Arts and Sciences

Visual information is everywhere. We are constantly immersed in a flow of visual data that reshapes our social and inner world. Companies and individuals are competing to conquer the public’s scarce attention by inventing distinctive visual formats to stand out from the crowd. How can designers, inventors, and product managers create designs that are quick to process as well as meaningful, unique and memorable in an age characterized by constant information overload?

The answer is to think aesthetically. Research insights at the intersection between cognitive science and art studies demonstrate that our minds can effectively process visual complexity by using aesthetic pleasure and judgement as a guide. Analysing the work of great artists and designers from the perspective of how our mind appreciates beauty, Elegant Design identifies actionable aesthetic strategies that will help you to design products and user experiences that are useful, beautiful and meaningful.

Join us on Zoom on April 22, 1200 EST at this link: https://bit.ly/3tfusLh, Meeting ID 236 029 0430, Pass w: 9qWOrL 

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